Lemongrass Snakehead Summer Rolls
For us, summer is synonymous with snakehead fishing. They are abundant here, but they are as intelligent & fickle as they are hard-fighting. These fish are responsible for as much frustration as joy some days. As a food fish, snakehead is phenomenal. Mild-flavored and firm, with a delicate sweetness.  So when it’s too hot to cook inside, we like to fire up the grill, throw on a snakehead fillet, and serve up a meal of crisp, cool Lemongrass Snakehead Summer Rolls with aromatic herbs from our garden. 
Air Fryer Wild Game Chimichangas
One particular evening I was craving some restaurant style, crispy, (and terribly unhealthy) chimichangas. Lucky for me, I had some defrosted elk burger and a pantry full of options. Then followed a deliciously, completely made up, recipe for Air Fryer Wild Game Chimichangas. 
Gluten Free Summer Saskatoon Berry Tarts
It's berry season! Here's a way to utilize them, other than eating fistfuls throughout the day. These tarts are pretty simple to make and keep well in the fridge for a few days. Plus the shells are made from almond flour, so they are gluten free!
Cuban Elk Picadillo with Cilantro Lime Rice
A twist on a classic Cuban recipe that incorporates elk and a side of delicious cilantro-lime rice.  My mother-in-law was skeptical about making her special dish from wild game–until she tried it. Now she asks me to make this every time she visits.  This dish works great with any ground venison meat, but I prepared this meal with my first archery bull elk taken on public land in Colorado.
Mackerel Under a Fur Coat
Mackerel Under a Fur Coat is take on a lesser known European tartare recipe that originated in Sweden and gained massive popularity in Russia during the soviet revolution. Traditionally it’s made with herring and topping of grated beets and carrots. It's fuzzy texture no doubt earned the dish it's name. It's a light summery dish, and great way to use all those summer perch or pike!
Cownose Ray Tom Ka Soup

I don’t know how many times I've been asked “Can you eat that?” The answer is almost always “yes you can.” Cownose ray is one of those foods. This light Thai coconut and lime soup is usually done with chicken or shrimp. We swap the chicken for ray and see no reason to go back.

Waffle Battered Frog Legs with Maple Syrup
Did you say frogs legs... for breakfast?! If you've never been out for frogs, it's a fun way to spend a summer evening and you can bring the kids along too! Here in Arizona bullfrogs are an invasive exotic species in the season is open year-round. In other areas they are a regulated native species so check your regs.
Grilled Venison Kabobs
Venison kabobs right off the grill and perfect for summer!
One Pot Rabbit
A savory, simple recipe for oven-roasted rabbit and vegetables.
Morel Game Burgers with Charred Scallion Butter
Photo and Recipe by: Ambassador Molly Elliott @elliotmo Ingredients 6 oz fresh morel mushrooms 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 large egg, beaten 20 oz ground game meat, 10-15% fat (antelope is pictured) Rubbed sage Avocado oil Kosher salt Fresh ground...
Squirrel Cakes with Spicy Slaw
Squirrel Cakes with Spicy SlawAndrew Weisner, @andrew.weisner My Story: My wife and I are both avid hunters. I introduced her to the outdoors through deer hunting when we started dating. After taking her first deer (whitetail doe) she was hooked. We...
Huevos Rancheros Scotch Eggs
Huevos Rancheros Scotch EggsMike Gostisha, @mikegostisha My Story: Over the last several years, I have become passionate about cooking. As I became more proficient in the kitchen, I became curious about the art of making sausage. I hated the idea of...
Venison Chilaquiles
Classic Mexican chilaquiles made with delicious, slow cooker venison.
Fried Squirrel and Waffles
Fried Squirrel and WafflesJamie Carlson @youcookitright My Story: A number of years ago my mother had asked if I would take her hunting for the first time. At the time she was in her late 50’s and had never been...
Backfin and Wild Turkey Burger
A delicious recipe for burgers made from wild turkey and heaped high with blue crab meat.
Corned Venison and Brussel Sprout Hash
This recipe takes a classic breakfast and adds corned venison and brussel sprouts.
Pheasant Stew
This stew recipe is adapted from Taste of Home and shared with us by @ericakyost, who added the pheasant. Ingredients: Three sets of pheasant legs cooked down in chicken stock on high for 4 hours in a crockpot 1 medium...
Nettle Ramen Noodles
A fun twist on your ramen noodles.
Goose Breakfast Sandwich
The "I'm-going-to-keep-this-all-for-myself" breakfast sandwich.
Squirrel Biscuits and Gravy
This dish breaks down into three components; the biscuit, the fried squirrel and the gravy.
Wild Game Pot Pie
This homemade pot pie is THE recipe for any leftover wild game meat.