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    The Hunt To Eat Story

    "Hunt To Eat" was inspired by the expression “Will Hunt for Food”.  For us, hunting and obtaining our own food is a source of pride and part of our lifestyle.

    Brothers Janis and Mahting Putelis were raised in southwest Michigan, where the green landscape laid the foundation for their paths to outdoor-oriented careers.  Janis guided hunters and fishermen, while Mahting guided climbers, campers, and boaters.

    A few years back we launched our first two Colorado-themed designs.  We love Colorful Colorado, its beautiful landscapes, and the hunting opportunities it offers.  From this state-themed beginning, other states have followed along with species-specific and landscape-inspired designs.

    When you wear a Hunt To Eat shirt, you're saying: I hunt for adventure.  I hunt for the physical and mental challenge.  I hunt to create memories with family and friends.  I hunt for the camaraderie as well as the solitude.  I hunt for the love of nature and the outdoors.  I hunt to conserve habitat and landscapes.  I hunt to harvest my own food.  I hunt to eat. 

    Feel free to send us a message at  We appreciate your comments and suggestions. 

    Good Hunting!