Spicy Venison Bulgogi
Love Korean food? Then you're going to love this spicy venison bulgogi recipe from ambassador Alyssa LeBlanc!
Smoked Duck with Marmalade Tequila Glaze
Duck season is right around the corner. Be sure to add this Smoked Duck with a Marmalade Tequila Glaze recipe to your arsenal. You won't regret it!
Classic Venison Donair
Love donair but not sure how to make it? Then this recipe is for you! Join Hunt to Eat ambassador and MasterChef Canada participant Alyssa LeBlanc in her kitchen and learn how to make your own smoked venison donair.
Classic Dove Poppers Recipe
Come along as Hunt to Eat contributor Michael Cravens walks you through the steps to make the classic dove popper.
Homemade & Healthy Backcountry Meals
So, you've tried all the freeze-dried backcountry meal brands, and between not fully re-hydrating, its poor taste, or the high proportion of carbs, you still haven't found quite what you're looking for. Now is a great time to try dehydrating your own backcountry meals! Hunt to Eat community member Matt Gibble explains why he stopped buying and starting making his own freeze-dried dinners for nights spent in the woods.
Alyssa LeBlanc's Venison Dumplings
Not sure what to do with all your ground venison? Take it out of the freezer and give Hunt to Eat ambassador and MasterChef Canada contestant Alyssa LeBlanc's venison dumplings a try! We guarantee your family will be impressed with your culinary skills after tasting these bad boys.
Meat Chickens Pt 2: Supplies
Hunt to Eat ambassador Jimmy Jones is back to tell you about the supplies he uses to raise his meat chickens. From feeders to heat lamps, Jimmy will tell you what you need. Not sure where to start? Check out Meat Chickens Part 1!
Dad's Wild Game Big Mac CHALLENGE!
Hunt to Eat Contributor Michael Cravens recreates the classic McDonald's Big Mac with elk, but which is better, the fast-food chain version or the homemade version? A distinguished panel of judges finds out.
How to clean a snapping turtle with Jonah Curtis
Always wanted to try turtle meat, or do you have a pesky giant snapping turtle living in your pond? Turn that turtle into dinner with help from Hunt to Eat ambassador Jonah Curtis! Jonah learned how to break down snappers with his grandpa in Michigan and now he's passing his knowledge down to you. Let us know what recipe you make in the comments!
MEAT CHICKENS PT 1: What is a meat chicken?
Hunt to Eat ambassador Jimmy Jones is here to tell you all about raising meat chickens at home! Over the next 8 weeks, he'll tell you about what meat chickens are, how to raise them, and how to ethically process them when butchering time comes around.
Spanish Doves and Pasta
Hunt to Eat contributor Michael Cravens gets you ready for dove season with grilled doves a la Mancha and roasted red pepper Spanish pasta.
Buttermilk Fried Quail and Waffles
Follow along with Hunt to Eat Contributor Michael Cravens as he prepares this wild game version of the southern classic chicken and waffles.
How to Process Rabbits with Carla Brauer
Thinking about keeping domestic rabbits? Or are you a small game hunter that wants to take your rabbit butchering skills to the next level? Join Hunt to Eat ambassador Carla Brauer as she shows you how to humanely euthanize and skin domestic rabbits for her freezer. She'll teach you how to butcher and prepare them next!
How to Clean a Grayling (Or Trout!) with Justin Bubenik
Want to take a trout or grayling from the river to a cast iron pan? Follow along with Hunt to Eat ambassador and fly fishing fanatic Justin Bubenik and learn how to quickly clean a grayling or trout!
Cast Iron Seared Backstraps
Brown the perfect medium-rare venison backstrap with ambassador Michael Cravens!
How to freeze leftover venison chili with Jimmy Jones
Tired of freezer burnt leftovers? Save your venison chili from the freezer by following Jimmy's Hunt to Eat food tip!
How to use a chicken plucker with Jimmy Jones
Hunt to Eat ambassador Jimmy Jones raises meat chickens and he's become a pro at quickly plucking them. Learn how a chicken plucker works here!
Smoked Trout and Caper Cream Cheese Toast - Hunt to Eat Community Kitchen
Hunt to Eat contributor Michael Cravens shows us how to smoke trout and then constructs a delicious Smoked Trout and Caper Cream Cheese Toast.