Waffle Battered Frog Legs with Maple Syrup

Waffle Battered Frog Legs Glazed with Real Maple Syrup

by Michael Cravens

Just kids, tromping through the dark Ozark countryside, on warm summer nights, by the light of an old Colman lantern, these are some of my fondest childhood memories. The bellowing calls of bull frogs would guide our way to some far off moss covered farm pond where we’d do our best to stalk up and gig big bullfrogs perplexed and blinded by the light of our lantern.

Today, we’ve replaced the lantern with super bright LED headlamps, the Ozarks with the Arizona desert, and the gig with a gentler and more challenging approach, nabbing them by hand. The one thing that has stayed the same, is the fun. I hope my kids remember these nights into adulthood just like I have.

Here in Arizona bullfrogs are an invasive exotic species in the season is open year-round. In other areas they are a regulated native species so check your regs. These were truly a hit with my family and I can’t imagine anyone, willing to try them, not finding them delicious.

clean frogs at night and store in fridge overnight

Clean frogs at night and store in fridge overnight


  • Separate and skin the legs, dust with flower, whip up a batch of waffle batter of your choice, dunk the dusted legs into the batter, then carefully place in a skillet with canola or peanut oil heat it to 375°F (just as you would fry fish).
  • Remove the legs and drain on a paper towel.
  • Drizzle the finished product with some real maple syrup and enjoy.