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    Kip Kruger - July 18, 2020

    Instapot Wild Hog Carnitas


    Wild hog roast




    of your choice 

    Mojo Sauce:

              1 cup of beer
              2 cloves of minced garlic
              1/2 cup of orange juice
              1/4 cup of fresh lime juice
              1 tsp of fresh oregano
              1 tsp of ground cumin
              1 tsp of salt
              1/2 tsp of cracked black pepper


    Make your Mojo Sauce and set aside. Cut your hog roast into two-inch cubes, then rub in salt and pepper. Saute all sides in olive oil.

    This is the level of browning you're looking for.

    After searing the meat either in the Instapot or in frying pan, add the Mojo Sauce and browned meat to the Instapot or pressure cooker. Add an extra 1/4 of cup of olive oil or other kind of fat because wild hog is so lean.

    Cook on high pressure in the Instapot for 30 minutes followed by natural release for 15 minutes
    Follow the pressure cooker's guide for cooking pork roast. You want to be able to shred the meat with a fork.

    When it's done, shred the meat. Saute it again in frying pan with olive oil with extra Mojo sauce. Fry until it's crispy, adding oil as needed.

    Serve with flour or corn tortillas with the toppings of your choice and enjoy.

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