Elk Steak Fajitas

Elk Steak Fajitas

Recipe from Rocky Mountain Sportswomen, @rockymountainsportswomen



Elk rib meat

Olive oil

Enchilada spice mix

Bell peppers


Flour tortillas


Beans (black beans or pinto)



Sour cream


1. Using olive oil, cook the meat on high temperature for a few minutes.

2. Add in some enchilada spice mix, along with the bell peppers and onion. Keep stirring and cooking on high heat.

3. After a few minutes, turn the heat down to a simmer and cover for about ten minutes or so.

4. To finish, crank the heat up again to get a little extra sizzle in the pan.

5. Warm up some flour tortillas and serve with a side of rice, beans, and avocado! Topped with cheese and sour cream, of course. Super simple, yet super tasty!

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