Top 10 Hunt to Eat Designs of 2020

Top 10 Hunt to Eat Designs of 2020

By Gabby Zaldumbide

Although 2020 was made difficult due to the political, societal, and environmental climates of the United States, that sure as hell didn’t stop Hunt to Eat. In 2020, we came out with some of our best hunting designs yet. Whether they’re inspired by science, wild foods, or our amazing hunting community, you’re bound to find a design that resonates with you. Here’s our favorite designs we launched in 2020:

10. Logowear

Regardless of everything that happened last year, we successfully launched a fresh rebrand last August. We worked for months on the new logo, color scheme, website layout, and so much more. Our new logowear was launched to celebrate all the hard work put in behind the scenes that went into making our rebrand a success. You can find our rad new logo on men’s tees, women’s tees, stickers, hoodies, water bottles, and more.

9. Woodcock Shuffle

Who would have thought the 80s would have inspired a woodcock design? When woodcocks are searching for food, they do a bob-like dance that allows them to feel earthworms moving beneath their feet. Of course, this shuffle appears to be a cool dance move. Imagine your favorite 80s jam the next time you wear our Woodcock Shuffle tee!

8. Toyota

We’ve all daydreamed about our favorite hunting rigs. One of ours just happens to be a classic Toyota Tacoma. Outfitted with the best hunting gear and an iconic whitetail skull, your daydreams become a reality every time you rep our Toyota Hunting Truck design (and stay tuned for more rig-inspired designs in 2021).

7. Hunting Party

While you're inside stirring a hearty pot of tag soup, there is a celebration happening outdoors. It's the End of Hunting Season Party. Animals everywhere raise their red solo cups and toast to all the critters who made it through to winter. The elk even shed a tear and pour out a beer in remembrance of those who didn't make it.

6. Walleye

We don’t just hunt to eat; we fish to eat, too. Our Walleye design captures the feeling of having a tight line with a walleye fighting on the other end. Whether you fish them in open water or through the ice, they’re some of the best eating fish around and are widely available throughout the United States.

5. Small Game Game

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Any good hunter (or dad) should! This one explains itself: small game playing a small game of checkers. Who do you think will win?

4. Buck, Buck, Moose

Inspired by Hank Shaw’s cookbook of the same title, Buck, Buck, Moose features a whitetail buck, mule deer buck, and a bull moose. Big game hunters ranging from Florida to Nova Scotia are able to relate to this venison-based design. Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a copy of the cookbook, too, the next time you’re shopping on

3. Green Wave Stack

Mule deer are a migratory species. Every winter, they move down from the mountains and forage in the sagebrush within their winter ranges. Upon the arrival of spring, they begin their journey back up to higher elevations. This journey coincides with the spring green-up, and each year, mule deer follow the green wave of vegetation up into the hills until they reach their summer range. This information fuels science-based conservation efforts led by researchers, volunteers, and landowners as they work to protect summer ranges, winter ranges, and migration corridors across the West.

This design was created for Artemis Sportswomen and was inspired by research out of the Monteith Shop, a wildlife ecology research lab based at the University of Wyoming.

2. Fletchings

The story starts to unfold when you retrieve an arrow loosed at your quarry. The texture, color, and amount of blood give you distinct clues to understand if you have made a good shot. This integral part of the hunt deserved to be showcased in our signature line up of designs. 

This design is a Hunt to Eat community favorite. Thank you, ambassador Michael Stepp, for bringing this design to life.

1. Meal Deer

There are many reasons to hunt, but at the end of the day, sharing your bounty with family, friends, and community is tops. Any way you slice it, you can't go wrong with venison. This best-selling H2E design celebrates every cut of our favorite quarry: deer.

Honorable Mentions: Although they didn't make it into the top 10, Pride Rainbow Trout, Archer's Evolution, Waterfowl Feathers, Flippin' the Tail, Carved Bighorn, and Bird Dog Feathers are all designs loved by Hunt to Eat and our broader community. Have a design idea? Shoot it on over to!

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