CWD Conservation Cooperation in Wisconsin

CWD Conservation Cooperation in Wisconsin


Wisconsin DNR recently announced they will more than double the number of CWD Self Service Testing Kiosks around the State of Wisconsin to make it more convenient for getting deer tested for CWD. The Adopt-a-CWD-Kiosk self-service
sampling station program is available in an identified CWD sampling area to any group or individual that is interested in helping DNR with sampling for CWD.
WI-DNR will help volunteers with kiosks and sampling protocols.

Funding is an issue, so volunteers can contribute with time, materials and/or kiosk construction and monitoring. WI-DNR also recognizes the need for proper deer carcass disposal to mitigate the spread of CWD across the landscape.

Unfortunately, funding has not been allocated for placing of dumpsters by DNR. WI-DNR encourages individuals and groups concerned about CWD to consider helping fund and manage dumpsters in their area.

There’s no way around it, fighting CWD is going to take time, effort and money. Kiosks, cooperators, and testing are a big cost to Wisconsin NDR and it makes sense to help them get the most “bang for the buck” for testing. Dumpsters also
take funding. We suggest that concerned individuals got to their local government and ask them to include funding carcass dumpsters at their drop off sites for the deer season.

Landowners are willing to have a carcass dumpster on their land can simply contact one of the cooperating contract haulers, rent/pay for a dumpster and have it dropped off and picked up when filled. A link to those CWD haulers

Groups and Businesses can also pay for a carcass dumpster, find and secure a suitable location for it and have it managed as needed throughout the deer season. Pairing it with a Self-Service Kiosk is a great way to make testing and disposal very convenient.

Individuals can contribute, time and money to the efforts as well. Contact DNR to adopt a kiosk at whatever level you are comfortable with.

Financial Contributions Groups, Businesses, and Individuals can also simply contribute to a fund we are setting up to pay for dumpsters and related costs. All contributions are welcome and can be made in a couple of ways:

1. Make out a check to ‘CWD Dumpster Fund c/o Doug Duren’ and Send it to:

CWD Dumpster Fund
c/o Lone Oak Interests, LLC
P.O. Box 138
Cazenovia WI 53924

Suggested contribution levels: $550.00 for one 20 yard dumpster
$275.00 for ½ a dumpster
Contributors will be recognized for their contribution at the drop off site.


2. Individuals can make a minimum $50.00 donation through Hunt To Eat 

Whitetail Moment - Special Edition

Individuals who contribute $50.00 will receive a limited edition Whitetail Moment T-Shirt with Doug Duren’s Conservation Mantra “It’s Not Ours, It’s Just Our Turn”

All proceeds will be used to rent, manage and support dumpsters which will be included at Self Service Kiosk locations.

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