Celebrating Wildlife Migrations

Celebrating Wildlife Migrations

Join Hunt To Eat as we celebrate wildlife migrations with three conservation organizations: Idaho Wildlife Federation, Montana Wildlife Federation, and Wyoming Wildlife Federation. Enjoy local beer while watching two short films that bring attention to migrations by highlighting the threats and conservation opportunities in the landscapes they occupy.

When: April 13th from 6-8pm
Where: Schnee’s Boots, Shoes & Outdoors, Bozeman, MT
Films: Elk River and Project Mule Deer

“Now is the time to have dialogue as a community and share knowledge about how we can create sustainable methods for protecting wildlife, while still respecting the need for ranches and farms. It’s about coexisting,” said Hunt To Eat Owner, Mahting Putelis. 

Wildlife need room to roam. To move between winter range, summer range, calving areas, and other important habitats. The need for migratory connections is even greater as wildlife face a mounting number of ecological changes. Loss of winter habitat, drier summers, invasive species, and habitat fragmentation pose a growing number of conservation challenges.

With increasing pressure on wildlife habitats and corridors comes the growing need to protect these routes and the wildlife that utilize them. Specifically by connecting protected areas while also keeping working farms, ranches, and other traditional uses on the land. Hunt To Eat, IWF, MWF, and WWF support and work toward policies that promote conservation, restoration, and reconnection of habitat across public and private lands.

Hunt To Eat, IWF, MWF, and WWF understand that habitat restoration and protection, along with collaborative efforts on working lands, will allow wildlife to continue their borderless lifestyles.

To help raise awareness about wildlife migrations, Hunt To Eat, IWF, MWF, and WWF will release their Migration Corridors shirt at the event. Join us to learn more and to celebrate the unique connectivity of the Greater Yellowstone region.

About Hunt To Eat

Hunt To Eat is an outdoor retail organization with a strong emphasis on conservation and hunting. Inspired by the expression, Will Hunt for Food, hunting and obtaining our own food is a source of pride and part of our lifestyle. Hunt To Eat seeks to unify a larger community of people dedicated to conserving the landscapes we need on this earth.

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