Tristan Henry

Tristan Henry

Tristan grew up on a farm in Oregon’s Willamette valley. In the wetlands and in the woods everyday after school, he was free to explore, hunt and fish and learn on his own the natural side of the world's order. He cultivated a passion for the natural world that is as persistent now as ever.

Upon graduating from Oregon State University in 2011, Tristan moved to central Oregon to work in the Outdoor Industry. Now, still in Bend, He is the Managing Member of a small Digital Marketing Agency, the Co-Chair of the Oregon Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, and a vocal advocate for Oregon’s Wildlife and Wild Places. He and his wife, Samantha take great joy in hunting and foraging and have been living off the land for several years.In all his pursuits, Tristan is fascinated by the learning process and he expresses that enthusiastically in the mountains and in kitchen and hopes to help others realize the richness we share when we take the time to appreciate our place in the world.

"I get downright giddy when I think about how rich a life I am able to lead - and I owe so much of it to our incredible ability to access healthy public lands and waters, so it’s easy for me to give over every spare second to make sure that opportunity persists."

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