Tony Vinca

Tony grew up in NW Pennsylvania, roaming the Allegheny National Forest in hot pursuit of any critter that was in season. As long as he can remember his father, grandfather and uncles not only taught him to hunt, fish & trap but also the value of conservation and just spending time in the outdoors. His sense of adventure grew as did the location of his adventures. At the age of 17 he joined the Army where he spent most the following 20+ yrs on various adventures around the globe. He’s had the privilege of fishing for tuna on the Red Sea, Marble trout in the Julian Alps and a few other fishing adventures.

Since his retirement from the Army, he’s had the opportunity to reconnect with the world of hunting which led him to the doorstep of Hunt to Eat and is a member of the New England Chapter of Back Country Hunters & Anglers. Tony is now Hunt to Eat's Director of Veteran Affairs.

Follow Tony on Instagram @vrun11 and @vinca_visuals