Shawn Hines

Shawn Hines

Since Shawn can recall, he has fished and hunted with his dad and grandfathers. Growing up in Texas, he was running juglines for yellow cats and swinging cane poles for crappie, jigging spring runs of sand bass and ripping big ugly baits passed submerged logs for opportunistic largemouths. In the Fall he was wingshooting dove and quail, jumpshooting early season teal, fox squirrels and cottontails.  It all funneled into the whitetail deer season and while it was hunting, it wasn’t the western experience that he had drooled over in every hook & bullet magazine so he packed up and headed out west to make a go of it in the Rockies.

Fast forward twenty years and his passion has only grown. Spring walleye, smallmouth and trout, fall muley, whitetail, speed goat and elk.

"Having access to so much public land and the opportunity to find such a connection with my food continues to be an amazing experience for me."

While he does have a few reminders of the adventures on different walls in the house, the real trophies lie neatly wrapped up in his freezer. Like all of us, he gets immense joy from being able to cook and share the bounties provided by the land that we all own. He now has a six year son who shares his passions. It brings him the greatest honor to pass on these places and experiences with his son - although he likely out fishes Shawn on any given day any.

He is a longtime supporter of the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Colorado Bowhunters Association and when not chasing critters through peaks or streams, he stays connected to the land by trail running, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, camping and cooking wild game dinners for friends & family.

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