Ryan Cavanaugh

Ryan Cavanaugh

Ryan grew up in Southwest Michigan surrounded by the Allegan State Game Area where he has been an avid outdoorsman, and hunter all his life. He was very fortunate to have grown up in a family that embraced the Hunt To Eat lifestyle. During that time is when he developed a deep appreciation, and respect for not only the game he was chasing, but more importantly for the lands, waters, and wild places where game thrive. 

After attending Western Michigan University, and living for years in the city of Kalamazoo, Ryan moved north across the Mackinac Bridge to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the “U.P.,” as it’s locally named. He is an avid upland hunter, and birddog owner, who can rarely be found without his German Shorthaired Pointer, Daly. The Porcupine Mountains, Hiawatha National Forest, and Les Cheneaux Islands are where you can most likely find them looking for game, and fish. 

Ryan has been involved with outdoor organizations like Pheasants Forever, and programs such as Big Brother Big Sisters, but currently devotes the most time to the Michigan Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers as their Co-Chair. 

It’s becoming more evident that the key to long-term wellness is through a holistic preventative approach to the choices you make in everyday life. I embrace the Hunt To Eat lifestyle because one of the main parts of my personal long-term wellness is taking on the responsibility of ethically, and sustainably obtaining my food through hunting, fishing, and the preparedness that is required to be successful in these practices.

Through the Hunt To Eat platform he looks forward to sharing more about the Great Lakes region, birddogs, and shining a light on the often overlooked people, and places that inspire him.

Follow Ryan and Daly along on Instagram at @ry.cavanaugh!

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