Rich Malloy III

Rich Malloy III

Rich grew up just outside of Boston in historic Concord, Massachusetts. Bow hunting and fly fishing were introduced to him at a young age and it wasn’t long until he was getting lost searching for his own waters to fish and putting in endless hours scouting for deer. His connection with the outdoors continues in the kitchen where he has a deep passion for and family history of cooking and butchery. Rich believes in a nose to tail style of butchering deer as well as cooking.

“When the arrow went through, it sounded like a drum. I knew I had hit guts. The biggest deer of my life, my trophy, was sprinting through the woods wounded without a blood trail. When I found him 6 hours later, the coyotes beat me. I lost him. I was overcome with emotion because I felt as if I had really killed something. That rack sits in my basement as reminder as to why I do this. The importance of making an ethical shot, respecting your harvest and using as much of the animal as I can. I learned a life lesson that day. I don’t hunt to kill, I hunt to eat, the real trophy.” 

Rich has been a strength coach for 11 years. Health and wellness is a part of his life and he uses the outdoors to aid in this. Training for deep wooded hunts and cooking healthy wild game recipes is important for his well being.

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