Mo Seck

Mo grew up in New England and has spent significant time in Dakar, Senegal (West Africa). From the Atlantic Coast of Africa to the Connecticut River – handlining to fly casting, Mo was hooked on the outdoors from a young age. He was introduced to hunting by a teammate at the University of Maryland, and has sought every chance to grow as a hunter since.  Mo’s background in cultural anthropology gave him a new lens on hunting, and the outdoors. He has  looked at hunting, fishing, and food as a way to connect with people from many cultures.
The interaction of culture and the outdoors have always been of interest to me, but the exciting possibilities for my personal engagement did not really resonate with me until I started hunting. I have been amazed by how much hunting has changed my perspective on the intersection between culture and food, and all the possibilities for finding my particular place in it.

Mo currently resides in Virginia, and is a volunteer board member for the capital region chapter of backcountry hunters and anglers.

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