Michael Cravens

Michael Cravens

Michael grew up exploring the densely wooded hills and cold clear rivers of the Missouri Ozarks. His childhood days were filled with chasing all manner of wildlife. Whether it be  squirrels, rabbits, and smallmouth bass, or even snakes and salamanders, nothing was off limits to this young and enthusiastic naturalist. Later, Michael earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Organismal, Ecological, and Evolutionary Biology from Southeast Missouri State University.

Through the years that followed, Michael’s insatiable thirst for exploring wild places never waned and  drove him to travel extensively throughout our own beautiful country and abroad. These travels took him to places as far away as the jungles of Latin America and the Amazon Basin, as well as to the furthest corners of our own country. Whether the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains, the desert southwest, or the Ozark Mountains of his childhood home, Michael has a deep love and appreciation for all wild places. Of all these, it was the western landscape that held his attention and is now where he put his roots down.

"While I’ve spent my life immersed in many areas of natural history, hunting brings me closer to nature than any other endeavor I’ve ever explored. Now middle aged and happily anchored to my home and family, hunting allows me escape to the mountains where my internal clock gets reset and I’m afforded the opportunity to harvest healthy meat to provide for my family."

Today, Michael spends his free time either roaming the mountains and deserts in search of opportunities to bring healthy organic meat home to fill the freezer and feed his family, or he is speaking out against those that threaten the places that allow these opportunities.

Michael holds a position on the board of Arizona Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and he’s certified by 2% for Conservation. He also is our main Community Kitchen contributor and you can find his wild game recipes on our YouTube channel and the Mossy Oak Go app.

Follow Michael on Instagram at @mlcoutdoors

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