Lindsey Givens

Lindsey Givens

Whether it’s trout fishing in the Eastern Sierras, scuba diving off the coast of Catalina Island, or scouting for deer in the San Bernardino mountains, Lindsey is always game for an adventure outdoors.  Born and raised in Kansas, Lindsey spent her youth competitively racing catamarans and waterskiing throughout the Midwest.  

Her pursuit for a wilder, more adventurous lifestyle took her to California. As a landscape architect, she advocates for sustainable development by integrating green-building practices throughout her projects.  Her job in landscape architecture keeps her anchored in the city but she’s found a way to balance the city life with her outdoor pursuits. 

Learning more about where her food comes from and the negative effects of commercial farming fueled her desire to harvest, process and prepare her own wild game. Going on hunts with her husband is always a welcomed opportunity of learning about the challenges, failures, and successes that hunting offers.

“Hunting has allowed me to combine my love for backpacking with my passion for the outdoors. Through hunting I’ve gained an appreciation of knowing where my food comes from and the hard work necessary to be successful. I hope to inspire people to discover the joys of hunting and help them navigate the initial challenges and obstacles to get them in the field.”

As an enthusiastic new hunter, she’s proud to belong to Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and actively looks for new opportunities to contribute to conversation efforts and public land preservation. It is with the utmost appreciation and excitement that Lindsey joins the Hunt to Eat family.

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