John Sunkler

John Sunkler

John started tagging along on hunting trips at the age of 4 and is now an avid waterfowl, elk, whitetail, turkey, and small game hunter and a passionate salt & freshwater angler. Waterfowling holds a special place in his heart and he spends countless hours training and hunting with his lab, Macey. We highly recommend trying his elk heart and tongue empanada recipe.

"I have had the opportunity to hunt in Austria in the high alpine country for Chamois, Roe Deer, Black Grouse, and Red Stag. My father was born in Golling, Austria and we have a family home in St. Koloman. My father instilled the old Bavarian hunting traditions in me and I follow them still."

He continues to practice these traditions and educate others in the practices of "The Last Bite" and "Weidmannsheil". John now butchers and processes all his own game meat, providing the healthiest and highest quality meat, fish, and produce for his family and friends. He and his wife welcomed their first child, Eva Mae, in 2018. Now more than ever John is focused on conservation for the next generations and passing down the traditions and love of the outdoors to his daughter and others. His idols include Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, and Steven Rinella. John is a member of Back Country Hunters & Anglers, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and life-member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. 

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