Cindy Stites

Cindy Stites

Cindy spent most of her childhood in the woods, building forts with her brother, or playing in the creek, fishing and catching crawdads. Even though she did not come from a hunting family, she has always had a strong passion and love for the outdoors.

She fell in love with hunting after being introduced to it by her partner, Chance, well into adulthood. As she developed into a hunter, she discovered not only a passion for the act of hunting, but for conservation, and public land advocacy. They travel to Wyoming each fall for a DIY hunt mule deer on public land. They also enjoy hunting whitetail deer and dove, back home in Indiana.

She has recently become a passionate turkey hunter and an avid angler, for panfish and largemouth bass. She enjoys breaking down and processing all their own meat and being involved in the process, beginning to end. It is also extremely important for her to include her "bonus daughter" Cianni, in the process of hunting and fishing, field dressing the animal, and processing the meat. Cianni enjoys hunting, fishing, and being outside with her family.

“Looking forward, I want to continue to advocate for public lands, conservation, and hunter recruitment. I am always looking for ways to get anyone who might be interested in the outdoors, out there with me, to give them a better understanding of why I am so passionate, and why I advocate for hunting and conservation the way I do. It amazes me, that I had such a passion and love for hunting and conservation, that was buried just below the surface, waiting to present itself, at just the right time. That time is now. I bet there are a lot of people out there just like me.”

Wild game is a typical meal in their home and they often invite friends and family to share in their bounty, whether it be mule deer from Wyoming, whitetail from just down the road, panfish or bass from a farm pond, or red drum from south Louisiana.

Cindy is a member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and currently a volunteer board member for the newly established Indiana chapter. She is also a member of the Mule Deer Foundation, Indiana Wildlife Federation, Wyoming Wildlife Federation, National Wild Turkey Federation and American Daughters of Conservation. Cindy volunteers both as an Indiana Hunter Education Instructor and an Indiana 4-H Shooting Sports Certified Archery Instructor. She can proudly say that she is Certified 2% for Conservation and a sustaining member of TRCP.

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