Alyssa LeBlanc

Alyssa LeBlanc

Alyssa grew up in a small village in Nova Scotia, Canada. Nature was her playground as she was surrounded by woods, marshes, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. She started hunting and fishing with her father, two older brothers, and grandfather at a very young age. She continued to do so as she got older, but had less time once she graduated and was working in a government office.

In 2015, Alyssa got into a car accident that changed her life. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to leave her career. She started to focus all of her time on cooking while in recovery. She ended up earning herself a coveted white apron on the 6th season of MasterChef Canada and made it to the top 7th home cook in the country.

She decided to go back to her roots and focus on cooking mostly food that she hunts and fishes herself and keeps her freezer stocked for the year with what she harvests. In the warmer months, Alyssa spends most of her time on her boat, fishing for food, hanging out with her nephews and family at the lake, and exploring the ocean. In the winter, she hunts in the woods and marshes.

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