Small Game Recipes

coq sauvage au vin on a blue plate over buttered egg noodles.
Coq Sauvage au Vin

A wild sage grouse twist on a classic French dish It’s a privilege and a…

Grilled whole chukar with chimichurri and zucchini on a white platter.
Grilled Chukar with Fresh Chimichurri

Hot bird summer is here I count myself lucky when in June or July I…

A large snapping turtle sits in the grass.
How to Clean and Cook a Snapping Turtle

Spring has sprung, the ponds have unfrozen, and snapping turtles are on the move. During…

Ten quail egg rolls arranged around the dipping sauce in the center.
Southwestern Quail Egg Rolls Recipe

Spice up dinner time with a wild game recreation of a Chili’s favorite recipe My…

Pot-Roasted Doves

A simple dove recipe that’s great for a weeknight dinner As far as I’m concerned,…

Hot Pheasant Sandwich

A spicy, Nashville-style wild pheasant recipe Growing up and attending college in the South, Nashville…

Roast Partridge

Your new favorite recipe for a perfectly browned partridge, quail, grouse, or pheasant To elevate…

Hot honey squirrel legs served on a plate with carrots and celery
Hot Honey Squirrel Recipe
Jerk Rabbit on a plate and Hunt to Eat cutting board
Jerk Rabbit Recipe
Wild duck tamales served on a white plate
Hard Times, Good Friends, and Great Tamales

These wild duck tamales are best when shared with friends This last week, my wife,…

Browned homemade pheasant nuggets on a white dish with ketchup on the side.
Homemade Pheasant Nuggets

The “Phez Nug” is our family’s favorite wild pheasant recipe It took me decades to…

Duck sausage, apple and gouda stuffed acorn squash
Duck Sausage, Apple, and Gouda Stuffed Acorn Squash

All the flavors of fall stuffed into one delicious acorn squash In our home, the…

Grilled duck breast on a white plate with fresh rosemary.
Simple Grilled Duck

I have been hunting waterfowl since my college days in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…

Fried grouse meat in a cast iron full of creamy sauce and parsley.
Grouse Breast with Shallot Cream Sauce

If you live in Colorado, you hunt, and it’s September, chances are (like myself) you…

Squirrel green chili in a white bowl with jalapeños on the side.
New Mexico-Style Squirrel Green Chile

We all look for opportunities to combine our favorite foods in life. For many hunters…

Classic dove peppers served with a roasted peach and cold beer
Classic Dove Poppers Recipe
Duck liver pate spread on a crusty white bread. There is a sprig of thyme and a butter knife in the background.
Duck Liver Paté

I have used this recipe with mostly duck livers, but also grouse and turkey with…

Spanish doves served atop pasta with tomato sauce
Spanish Doves and Pasta