Big Game Recipes

Venison ramen in a green bowl topped with a softboiled egg and green onions.
Venison Ramen

Venison broth gets a kick of umami with this ramen recipe It’s winter and you…

A rich bowl of chili topped with shredded cheddar cheese and a sprig of cilantro
Easy Peasy Deer Camp Venison Chili

A one-pot comfort food that uses ground meat for a filling and delicious meal, whether…

Venison osso bucco on a white plate
Venison Osso Bucco

Elevate your venison shanks with this traditional Italian recipe Looking back on the hunting trips…

Ropa vieja served with a side of plaintains and white rice.
Cuban Pronghorn Ropa Vieja

Cook a big game roast low and slow and discover this amazing Cuban comfort food…

A dark red venison goulash topped with fresh parsley with a wooden spoon.
German Venison Goulash

Enjoy this satisfying comfort food that can use a variety of venison cuts October marks…

A large stroganoff stuffed portobello mushroom
Grilled Venison Orecchiette Stroganoff Stuffed Portobellos

“We’re not sure that you could stuff any more deliciousness into this dish! It starts…

Venison Tataki Nigiri served on a yellow plate.
Venison Tataki Nigiri with Truffled Ponzu

A popular Japanese dish is adapted to use venison and served atop sushi rice Tataki…

Venison tomahawk steaks smothered in a fresh chimichurri sauce.
Sous Vide Backstrap with Roasted Poblanos and Corn

A simple and satisfying preparation of a delicious big game steak with bright, fresh produce…

Cheesy grits with fresh biscuits on a wooden table.
Venison Shank with Cheesy Grits

Cooking the shank low-and-slow yields tender bites that pair perfectly with cheesy grits This is…

Chimichangas on a white plate with an orange napkin. Salt and pepper shakers and fresh lemon are in the background.
Air Fryer Wild Game Chimichangas

The irresistible crunch of a restaurant chimichanga gets a healthier boost by using an air…

Picadillo on top of Spanish rice with a side of salsa, cilantro, and lime served on a white plate.
Cuban Elk Picadillo with Cilantro Lime Rice

Elk complements the flavors of this traditional Cuban dish for a simple, quick preparation that…

Alternating chunks of meat and vegetables are grilled as a kabob over a hot flame.
Grilled Venison Kabobs

I was lucky enough to harvest a Michigan whitetail doe during the 2017 season. My…

Burgers served on a wooden cutting board with a cold soda in the background.
Morel Game Burgers with Charred Scallion Butter

Smoky and wild, these burgers are worth the effort of gathering morel mushrooms to add…

Two scotch eggs on a plate with lettuce.
Huevos Rancheros Scotch Eggs

Use any ground game meat for this spicy take on a standard pub favorite Over…

A white plate full of green chili chilaquiles
Venison Chilaquiles

Prep this venison breakfast the night before for a filling and delicious pre-hunt wild game…

Rinsed brussel sprouts in a stainless steel colander on a wooden countertop.
Corned Venison and Brussels Sprout Hash

This recipe takes a classic breakfast and adds corned venison and Brussels sprouts

Crispy wild game pot pie with meat and carrots. There is a carrot, a potato, and a knife in the background.
Wild Game Pot Pie

This homemade pot pie is THE recipe for any leftover wild game meat Most of…

Hot elk steak seared with green, yellow, and red peppers, fajita-style. Served in a cast iron pan with napkins and sauces in the background.
Elk Steak Fajitas

Simple and easy to prepare, this fajita recipe gives elk steak a fresh and delicious…

Delicious-looking slices of meatloaf topped with ketchup and fresh parsley.
Wild Game Meatloaf

Turn wild, ground meat into a satisfying comfort food with this favorite recipe “This was…

Two grilled cheese sandwiches on a blue plate with a knife off to the side.
Venison Grilled Cheese

Add ground venison to this classic sandwich and you have a filling, quick meal When…

Stuffed portobello mushrooms with elk, cheese, and topped with parsley on a plate.
Elk Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Elk stuffed portobello mushrooms with goat cheese, spinach, and basil.