Big Game Recipes

French onion broth in a bowl with a ladle dipped in it. French onion sandwiches are on the side for dipping.
French Onion Wild Game Roast

Love french onion soup? Then you’re about to discover your new favorite wild game recipe.…

Bright red elk borscht in a white bowl.
Elk Borscht

It felt like a holiday last September as I stood in my kitchen. I had…

Venison bone stock in a Dutch oven
Venison Bone Stock
Shredded venison barbacoa
Venison Barbacoa
A bowl of elk chili on a table
Elk Chili
Javelina chile verde served in tortillas
Javelina Chile Verde
Sliced bear ham on a wooden cutting board
Black Bear Ham
Cast iron seared venison backstraps on a wooden cutting board
Cast Iron Seared Venison Backstraps
Gooey, crispy scotch eggs on a plate.
Venison Scotch Eggs
Meaty carnitas in flour tortillas with avocado, lime, and cilantro on a black plate.
Wild Hog Carnitas
Instant Pot Wild Hog Carnitas Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker Wild hog roastSaltPepperToppings of your…
Three jars of bone broth cooling in the sun on a white countertop.
Venison Bone Broth

This is Hank Shaw’s go-to venison broth that can stand confidently on its own or…

Wild Ham Croque Madame

Hunting season will be upon us in just a few short weeks, and when it…

A roasted shank on a plate served au jus
Pulled Venison Shanks

Served over mashed potatoes and roasted carrots, it becomes obvious why I love eating shanks…

A bear hindquarter in a smoker dripping with fat and flavor.
Wild Ham

Whole quarters come to us in many sizes – often they necessitate breaking down, either…

A bowl of pho on a wooden table with wooden chopsticks on the side.
Wild Wisconsin Pho Recipe

I live in a magical place called Wisconsin. So many wonderful wild things grow here…

A plate of Hawaiian black bear sliders
Hawaiian Black Bear Sliders

Flavorful bear ham is piled atop a Hawaiian roll with juicy pineapple and melted cheese…

A sliced wellington on a white plate with a side of parsley
Elk Wellington

Beef Wellington, or in this case, Elk Wellington, can appear overly-complicated to someone experiencing it…

Khinkali dumplings on a white plate on a concrete countertop.
Venison Khinkali

Georgian cuisine is absolutely delicious, especially when it comes to wild game soup dumplings The…

browned empanadas on a wooden cutting board and fresh cilantro
Elk Heart and Tongue Empanadas

Hearts and tongues are some of the tastiest pieces of wild game and are often…