Sheep Skulls Climate Impact T-Shirt



This design is inspired by that rapidly shrinking band of nutritious vegetation in which wild sheep populations thrive.

Research is ongoing, but it appears that there is a strong correlation between changes in vegetation caused by climate change and wild sheeps’ nutritional status.

In the Chugach, alders and other typically mid- and lower-elevation flora have become increasingly large and increasingly found at higher elevations. While inconvenient for skiers, hunters, and hikers who now have to bushwhack to get to the alpine, the consequences for Dall Sheep are much more dire. As the alders rise, they increasingly squeeze out the normal alpine vegetation that exists between the tree line and the rocky cliffs above. And in this increasingly narrowed elevation band are found the primary dietary staples of Dall Sheep.” – Paul Forward


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The fabric is a blend of 60% combed cotton and 40% polyester that is soft out-of-the-box with ideal stretch for maximum comfort and fit.  Printing uses a water-based technique generating a design that is soft and pliable after one wash with no cracking over time and minimal environmental impact compared to typical petroleum-based printing processes.

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