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With many iconic species to hunt and fish in Minnesota, it was a challenge to choose our focus. However, the Ruffed Grouse, Walleye, and Ducks came together as a meal we would love to put on the table. Our partners at the Minnesota chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers describe it like this:

“In Minnesota, our ecological zones are broken into 4 major groups; Tallgrass Parklands in the Northwest, Mixed Coniferous Forest in the Northeast, Prairie in the Southwest, and Hardwood Forest in the Bluff Country of the Southeast. This, coupled with over 11,000 lakes and interconnected rivers, and streams, along with the Mississippi Flyway allows a huge range of wildlife and hunting opportunities. I am lucky enough to have small game, deer, ducks, turkeys, and unmatched fishing and foraging within a few miles of my house. Each of these pursuits has its own challenges and rewards, which together create a culinary grab bag, open to anyone adventurous enough to chase it.”

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The long edge of this sticker is 5 inches. It is a high quality, heavy-duty, vinyl sticker.

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