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Our Carved series is a collaboration with linoleum print artist Elyse DeLisle. She worked alongside our ambassador team to learn about the animals and their specific characteristics and habitats while traveling the American West.

Ambassador Micheal Cravens shares this:

“If I had to sum up tree squirrels in one word, I would have to steal a phrase from a friend of mine, “majestic”. Some might think that this is overkill, but they would be mistaken. North American tree squirrels are truly majestic, their hardiness, acrobatics, and their huge personalities are nothing short of this.

There are eight huntable species of tree squirrels in North America (Red squirrel, Eastern gray squirrel, Eastern fox squirrel, Mexican fox squirrel, Arizona gray squirrel, Western gray squirrel, Abert’s squirrel, and Douglas squirrel). All of these provide hunters from beginner to advanced and from young to old with an experience and challenge similar to big game hunting. Sharp hearing and exquisite eyesight combined with a lofty perch can make for a challenging hunt.

Finally, squirrel hunting cannot be mentioned without also mentioning the fine table fare they provide. Squirrel is arguably the best small game meat scurrying around our woodlands. From good old fashioned fried squirrel and gravy all the way to Squirrel A La Cocotte. Squirrel is certainly some of the finest dining our forest can provide.”

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The long edge of this sticker is 5 inches. It is a high quality, heavy-duty, vinyl sticker.

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