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Our Carved series is a collaboration with linoleum print artist Elyse DeLisle. She worked alongside our ambassador team to learn about the animals and their specific characteristics and habitats while traveling the American West.

Ambassador Justin Bubenik shares this:

“North American Pacific salmon draw recreational anglers from around the globe to the waters of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. While diverse in appearance, size and table fare (depending on who you ask), all five commonly recognized species exhibit native life histories that take them on journeys from their home in the freshwater to the ocean and back.

Those that make it downstream past the obstacles in the river spend differing times in the salt, feasting on a seafood buffet, bulking up and dodging predators. Tagged salmon are regularly caught in Asian waters, with surviving brethren destined to return to their home rivers thousands of miles away where they face another journey altogether.

The difficulty of that trip upstream for any run of salmon depends on the luck of the genetic, or geographic, draw. Some coastal systems support salmon that travel less than 10 miles to the spawning grounds and other fish of the same species endure hundreds of miles of natural and manmade barriers before they make it to their gravelly bedroom. Regardless of the motivation, the drive of these fish is enviable.”

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The long edge of this sticker is 5 inches. It is a high quality, heavy-duty, vinyl sticker.

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