Carved Meadow Mountain Sticker



Our Carved series is a collaboration with linoleum print artist Elyse DeLisle. She worked alongside our ambassador team to learn about the animals and their specific characteristics and habitats while traveling the American West.

Ambassador Jessi Johnson shares this:

“A flash of tawny brown guard hairs glint in a golden sun ray too fractured for your eyes to catch a full image. It is September and the air is crisp and holds the scent of anticipation; musky and green, it leaves a taste of by gone summer on your tongue.  Through the aspens you hear a faint foot fall that vibrates into your sternum and you feel more than hear their woodland retreat. A chirp of a lost calf floats into the air; calling to its mother. The light breeze rustles the canopy and quarter sized tear drop aspen leaves suspend in their dance from green to gold. And then, stillness. The earth takes a breath and only a bold squirrel dares to challenge natures mandatory meditation. You take three steps forward and your foot lands on a stick. The sharp crack feels deafening and the woods respond. As if dredged from the depths of a soul…. a long overture of a bugle rips into the silence. Its trumpet peels over the woods and crashes into you, leaving the air humming and your heartbeat scattered. From somewhere behind you an answering bugle; this one is further off and its sound changes at this distance but its intent is clear.  Between two bulls, bow in hand you put your back to a tree and wait, watching the small meadow before you for a sign that he is coming.”

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The long edge of this sticker is 5 inches. It is a high quality, heavy-duty, vinyl sticker.

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