Florida Hunt Camp



  • Cost: $1,690
  • Where: Florida
  • When: Dec. 16-19th, 2021
  • Type: Shotgun
  • Species: Waterfowl
  • How Many Students: 8
  • Difficulty on scale of 1-5: 2
  • Terrain: Water, blind
  • Host: Travis Thompson
  • Lodging: Camping
  • Closest airport: Orlando

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Please select your age group

How would you feel about about hiking 3 miles on slightly hilly terrain?

Do you have any physical limitations we should know about? (Asthma, bad allergies, bad knees, any disabilities, etc.)

What size unisex t-shirt do you wear?

Please confirm that you are alright with showing us your COVID proof of vaccination, getting a COVID test a week prior to camp if you are not vaccinated, wearing a mask at camp if you are not vaccinated, and maintaining a safe distance from unvaccinated folks when possible to minimize the spread of COVID

Are you a convicted felon?

Have you completed your hunter education certification through your state’s wildlife agency? Hunter education is required to hunt with us.

How much hunting experience do you have? Please tell us how many years of experience you have, the types of hunting you’ve done, and what species you have previously hunted, if any.

This camp focuses on do-it-yourself waterfowl hunting with a shotgun. Is that consistent with what you’re hoping to learn from this experience?

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Hunt Camp difficulty rating of 2.


Give the gift of ducks this Christmas, or at least the opportunity for some ducks!

Come down to Florida this December and experience the best duck hunting learning experience of your life. We will be in the Lake Okeechobee neighborhood and this spot offers up a few species of ducks that you can only see in one or two other states.

We will be joined by Travis Thompson, a well-known voice for conservation and duck hunting guide in Florida, to discuss all things Florida and all things waterfowl, and as always, our educators will lead sessions on our “Why” of Becoming a Hunter, Conservation, Hunting Ethics, Firearm Safety, Range Time, and Butchering/Processing.

We will hit the duck blind on Saturday and the first part of the day on Sunday, led by experienced waterfowl hunters offering instruction and guidance on best practices.

This camp will teach you waterfowling basics, as well as give you the tools you need to head back out to the water with confidence, once you are back home and continuing your hunting journey.

Give the gift of learning how to duck hunt, either to yourself, or someone you love! Florida in December is a gift in itself for most of us, throw in the Hunt Camp, and it’s a win-win!





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