Tompiti Sticker

Tompiti Sticker

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Tompiti (noun)
Tom-pih-tee or Tom-piti or Tom-peh-tee (pronunciation not yet determined)

1. : Known for its ability to both gobble and bugle. Don’t let the fact that this hybrid elk-turkey is still learning to fly fool you - the Tompiti does not back down.
2. : A musician from the 1970’s, not to be confused with the Tom-piti.


There is a place far off, through holler and vortex, over hill and mountain in which the Tompiti roams. His spurs are like daggers and antlers like swords. He has never been captured only seen by a very select few lucky individuals. The stories told are filled with mystique, adventure and cunning. Be careful out there....


It is a high quality, heavy-duty, vinyl sticker. 4 inches in diameter. 

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