Men's Artemis Cutthroat

Men's Artemis Cutthroat

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For those men who want to support the Artemis movement.

We have teamed up with the Women of Artemis to create some new gear directed at the women within our community.

As sportswomen and conservationists, we do more than hunt and fish. We have an obligation to give as well as receive and to embody an inclusive culture. The complete sportswoman can skin a deer, land a burly brown trout, navigate the backcountry, and she knows her game commissioners and politicians, knows wildlife laws, defends all wildlife, advocates on their behalf, and teaches others these skills. We cannot expect the next generation to enjoy the privilege of our irreplaceable lands, waters, and wildlife without our explicit engagement in all facets of the sporting conservation life. Artemis embodies the definition of the complete sportswoman and sees it as our duty to use our platform to promote and teach this philosophy.

The fabric is a blend of 60% combed cotton and 40% polyester that is soft out-of-the-box with ideal stretch for maximum comfort and fit.  Printing uses a water-based technique generating a design that is soft and pliable after one wash with no cracking over time and minimal environmental impact compared to typical petroleum-based printing processes.

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