Circle of Life Sticker

Circle of Life Sticker

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Aldo Leopold is one of the great thinkers and doers of American Conservation. Like many in our community, we come back to his writing to influence our own personal land ethic. This design is inspired by this passage. 

"Food is the continuum in the song of the Gavilan. I mean, of course, not only your food but food for the oak which feeds the buck who feeds the cougar who dies under an oak and goes back into acorns for his erstwhile prey. This is one of the many food cycles starting from and returning to oaks, for the oak also feeds the jay who feeds the goshawk who named your river, the bear whose grease made your gravy, the quail who taught you a lesson in botany, and the turkey who daily gives you the slip. And the common end to all is to help the headwater trickles of the Gavilan split one more grain of soil off the broad hulk of the Sierra Madre to make another oak."
-Aldo Leopold

This sticker is 4 inches in diameter.  It is a high quality, heavy-duty, vinyl sticker. 

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