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Seal, Wild Turkey, and Morels: #007 of the Hunt to Eat Show

Seal, Wild Turkey, and Morels: #007 of the Hunt to Eat Show

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Michael Hunter, author of The Hunter Chef Cookbook talks to the Hunt to Eat Show crew about multiple topics, including his restaurant Antler and his favorite recipes

On Episode 7 of the Hunt to Eat Show, we chat with Michael Hunter, a chef, hunter, forager, and the co-owner of Antler Kitchen & Bar, a restaurant that specializes in cooking and serving game species in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I chat with Michael about how writing and publishing The Hunter Chef Cookbook inspired him to open his own restaurant, and he shares some ideas about cooking a couple of his favorite species.

On the conservation segment, we revisit the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) Conservation Initiative and discuss a recent scientific paper that evaluated Y2Y’s success in contributing to biodiversity conservation targets.

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