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Learn to Hunt to Eat with Cindy Stites: #004 of the Hunt to Eat Show

Learn to Hunt to Eat with Cindy Stites: #004 of the Hunt to Eat Show

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Hunt to Eat Director of Education Cindy Stites talks about Hunt Camps and how they offer mentorship, a sense of community, and training

On this episode, we chat with Cindy Stites, the Director of Education at Hunt To Eat, who tells us about the Hunt Camps hosted by company.

The camps, held throughout the United States, focus on a range of species and hunting formats. They are based on mentorship and building community, offering you the education, training, and dialogue you need to start hunting.

On the conservation segment, we focus on expanding our community and run through some other organizations and platforms that offer meaningful and inclusive mentorship opportunities in the outdoors. On the food segment, Casey and Jonah Curtis chat about the process of breaking down and handling game from the field to the butcher block.

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