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Knowing Peter Spencer’s Humanity: #008 of the Hunt to Eat Show

Knowing Peter Spencer’s Humanity: #008 of the Hunt to Eat Show

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Demiesha Dennis and Lydia Parker discuss the murder of 29-year-old Peter Spencer and the need to combat racism in the outdoor community

This is an extra episode of the Hunt To Eat Show, which follows the murder of Peter Spencer, a 29-year-old Black man who immigrated from Jamaica to Pittsburgh.

Spencer was a father, partner, brother, son, provider, and hunter. In this episode, Demiesha Dennis of Brown Girl Outdoor World and Lydia Parker of Hunters Of Color tell us about what is known of Spencer’s story and talk about the need to combat racism in the outdoors.

Spencer was found dead with nine bullet wounds after joining a group of white men in an outdoor activity in December 2021. While the investigation is ongoing, there is action we can all take right now and carry forward all the time. Dennis and Parker talk about the need to always center the humanity of Black people and even more so those who are victims of violence.

As a hunting community, we need to take collective action to create a world where hunting and the outdoors are safe for Black folks. We need to actively listen to Black voices and what they tell us about what safety means for them. Please join us in listening to Dennis and Parker about what we need to do as a hunting community to ensure that the outdoors are for everyone. We felt it was important to use this platform to amplify this story and the voices we need to hear at this time.

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