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Building Collaboration for Habitat: #009 of the Hunt to Eat Show

Building Collaboration for Habitat: #009 of the Hunt to Eat Show

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Photographer and conservationist John Marriott discusses his work and the need for hunters and non-hunters to collaborate for the betterment of wildlife and habitat

Episode 9 highlights photographer and conservationist John Marriott who joins the Hunt to Eat Show team to chat about his work photographing wildlife in the Canadian Rockies and the need for collaboration across hunters and non-hunters in working towards habitat conservation.

In the conservation segment, I give some updates on recently proposed and potential changes to hunting in Washington, Colorado, and Arizona; why I don’t use the term “Antis” to refer to a large group of people with diverse perspectives; the need to emphasize science-based management and talk about the personal and subjective reasons we hunt for more effective advocacy; ways you can get involved to support ongoing hunting opportunities; how you can send in comments to the Arizona Game and Fish Department by Jan. 30; and a recent scientific study that mapped global threats to biodiversity and what it tells us about concerns for endangered species.

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