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    Katie DeLorenzo - Orynx

    The daughter of a biologist, Katie spent childhood summers catching lizards and snakes in the Chihuahan desert of southern New Mexico. She was always captivated by the outdoors and the creatures that inhabit it. Her dad would regularly butcher wild game on the kitchen table and as he meticulously processed it he taught her about the different parts and how they served each animal in their respective habitats.

    Although she had been around hunting and fishing her entire life, a 2015 Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep hunt in the Latir Peak Wilderness served as a reawakening. Four miles of trail and a hard-earned summit were rewarded with a 125 yd shot and ewe harvest. Carrying an entire sheep (bones and all) out of the wilderness gave her a new appreciation for the challenge of backcountry hunting. Later sharing that meat with family and friends brought the experience full circle.

    “I have since found healthfulness and fulfillment in an outdoor centered lifestyle. It creates perfect synergy between wellness, free range food, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with family and friends.

    From seeing two trophy billy ibex crack horns on top of Florida Mountain spires to the excitement of her first bow kill, she has an insatiable desire for the adventure and unpredictability of hunting. This sense of adventure carries over to the kitchen where she enjoys preparing free range and wild caught protein and sharing her food ethos.

    In the past few years she’s hunted mule deer, oryx, javelina, turkey, elk, pronghorn and grouse and has helped spot and pack on a wide variety of hunts including mountain goat, pronghorn, elk and Persian Ibex. She placed third in 2017 Train to Hunt Nationals, is a certified Hunter Ed instructor, recently got her New Mexico guide license and regularly organizes events for women interested in the outdoors. Through both her personal and professional endeavors she hopes to shine a positive light for hunters and non-hunters alike on our hunting heritage and the vast public lands that sustain it.

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