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    Katelyn Sheehan - HEKatelyn is a USAF veteran having served four years active duty including multiple deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After her honorable discharge, she was a Crisis Intervention Specialist in the adult and children’s ERs of San Antonio. She also volunteered in India and Nepal as a children’s sex-trafficking intervention and aftercare facilitator. To avoid burn out she leaned into the wild, rode a broken bike across Cambodia, trekked the Balkans, and hiked the Everest 3 high passes, all in all exploring and living in over 40 countries.

    In January of 2015, Katelyn realized she was only seeking wellness in wilderness so she took her social work outside, wanting to help people find their passions, not their prescriptions. Katelyn is now a Senior Expedition Leader for an amazing nonprofit No Barriers where she guides veterans with disabilities on back country expeditions (at no cost to them).  She also guides internationally for the No Barriers Youth program and for her own consulting and guiding contracts.

    “There is something amazing about role modeling the importance of vulnerability. I love showing folks that suffering is resilience in the making. That while navigating wild places as a team, we can tap into adversity, share our struggles and find healing, find purpose, and find our tribe. These wild places that sustain us, that feed us, they have what we need. Once you know the importance of our public lands, you're called to protect them.” 

    Follow Katelyn threw a world of adventure on her Instagram page @katelyn.sheehan.