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    Jenna Rozelle - Squirrel Hunting

    Jenna offers education to people who want to learn how to safely and ethically incorporate wild foods (plant, animal and fungi) into their lives.  ​Beyond food, she is interested in fostering relationships between people and their local landscape​ - aiming to erase that imaginary line between ​human and environment.

    “I think the more people interact with their landscapes - the more they will know them - the more they will love them, and the more they will protect them. There is no act more intimate than eating, and if you can learn to feed yourself from the land around you - you will undoubtedly become a steward of that land in return. This is ultimately what I hope to share.”

    She waded slowly into becoming a hunter in her 20s, being largely self-taught and ​motivated by food. She started with small game and gradually made her way to Whitetail, Moose, and someday - Black Bear (though if she had to choose - the Squirrel woods might still be her favorite place).  

    She serves on the board of the New England chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers as their Outreach Coordinator where she has recently helped to develop an outdoor mentoring program to pair experienced outdoorsmen with those who are new and eager to learn.

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