Hunt Camps

Hunt to Eat is dedicated to building a diverse and educated community committed to conserving wild places and wildlife. 

We are excited to share the hunting experience with you.

What to Expect

 Upcoming Hunt Camps


Inside the Hunt to Eat Camps. We will be by your side the whole way. From learning to handle a firearm, to shot placement, to honoring the life of the animal, we will teach you both the skills needed to hunt and give you insight into building your own set of ethics to use afield. With a little bit of good luck, we will also showcase how to butcher an animal and get it ready for the freezer. 


While sharing some good stories and laughs, we will actively create ceremony to foster growth and contemplation along your process. We understand that hunting is a sacred act; taking a life in order to sustain your own is a potent experience. We will honor it as such. At the end of the trip, we hope to have awakened a piece of wildness within you. Thanks to amazing mentors who are willing to teach, and you, a willing and active participant, upon completion of a hunt camp, you will have taken a huge step forward in becoming a hunter. You will have taken responsibility and supported a food system that is ecological and sustainable. You will know a place and yourself a little better.




Veteran Program

There are an estimated 18 million veterans across the United States. We at Hunt to Eat recognize the sacrifices these service-members and their families have made to protect our freedoms and way of life. We are also keenly aware of the importance of getting into the outdoors and the healing effects it has been proven to have. Despite the many programs out there to help connect veterans to the outdoors, there are still not enough. Starting this year, Hunt to Eat will be connecting veterans to the outdoors through veteran-led clinics and hunts. For more information, please contact us.

If you are a veteran or would like to recommend a veteran for one of our events, click here.