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    Colt Tupen - TurkeyColt spent his first season behind a gun at age 9 and was able to harvest a hen turkey during the Fall Season in Washington State. It’s safe to say that from then on the fire was lit. Hunting was the place for Colt, his dad, and brothers to escape reality and take a step back into the natural world. Respect for game was ingrained in him from the time that he began hunting and has only been further reinforced since starting a family of his own.
    Colt’s wife is not from a hunting family, and although she has always supported his hunting habit, Wild game and the unwarranted reputation it has to many, was not exactly appealing to her. Colt can now happily say that over the years, as a family, they hunt, butcher, and consume only meat that they themselves have harvested. 
    For work, Colt is a Firefighter/EMT and shares a similar passion for his line of work that he does the outdoors. A hidden benefit of his job is his schedule. It allows him to have large chunks of time off to spend in the woods. He started taking his son hunting last year when he turned 3, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. His son Tate has bared witness to the harvest of turkeys, grouse and doves and Colt can already see that he has gained a true appreciation of where his food comes from.
    "Feeding my kids only the best, free range, hormone free, meat is a point of pride for me.I love that my kids find it odd when they eat chicken as they are used to wild turkey or venison.”
    Colt spends a lot of time volunteering for WDFW on a wide array of projects, from fixing fence, building wood duck boxes, transporting wildlife, and cleaning up trash. He is also a member of NWTF, BHA, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
    His true passion lies in introducing youth to the world of hunting. He has had the opportunity and privilege to “guide” a few youth hunters to their first harvest and the feeling has been described as nothing short of incredible. Colt see's this as a true blessing to be able to guide youth through the harvest, cleaning, and finally cooking of their own harvest. Colt thinks as a society we have become out of touch with where our food comes from, and is happy to try and play a role in reversing that. 
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