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    Around four years old, Kyle started tagging along with his father, uncle and grandfather carrying a toy gun at first, then a BB gun and later at seven years old, a 20 gauge. His father and grandfather taught him about the outdoors, conservation, ethics and how to be safe in the field. They helped to form his hunting style and lit a fire inside him. Growing up, all he wanted was to be like them, wanted to know what they knew and more than anything, wanted to be outside hunting and fishing.

    I could not get enough of the outdoors. I'd read books, watch shows on TV and talk with adults; anything that might help me learn about hunting, shooting or the animals I wanted to pursue. I loved not only the hunt, but the food it provided and the stories that went along with it.
    Now married and the father of three beautiful girls, Kyle's oldest girls are quickly becoming outdoors women with a spark similar to their fathers. They enjoy hunting and fishing with their dad and constantly talk about harvesting their own animals when they are big enough. Wild game, be it deer, ducks or walleyes, is always at the top of their menu at home. Their family eats mainly game Kyle harvests and he and his wife help their girls understand that hunting is not just a man's activity and is very supportive of them hunting and fishing. 
    For me, hunting isn't just a hobby or a tradition, it's not a season or something I do. It's more of a lifestyle, it's part of who I am and it's everyday. My favorite hunts involve chasing critters on public land in new areas, especially remote and hard to access places. I enjoy hunting a variety of species but hunting mule deer with my bow on Little Missouri Grasslands in the North Dakota Badlands has a very special place in my heart!
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