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    Josh was born in Cache County, Utah and grew up in Southeast Tennessee and North Alabama spending any free time he had outside. Though he did not grow up hunting, he was an Eagle Scout and spent a lot of fishing and enjoying the outdoors. 

    Fishing was my passion in my youth.  I remember fishing every day during the summer, I lived for it.  I loved largemouth bass fishing but we would often go catch a mess of crappie or bream and fry fish for dinner that night.  I also grew up in the kitchen and love to cook what I catch or harvest.  I was never taken hunting, Scouts was what my Dad and I did in the woods.  I didn’t start hunting until 3 years ago.  I fell in love instantly with everything about the hunt.  Start to finish.  There’s nothing more satisfying than harvesting an animal, cleaning it and preparing that meal for friends and family.  Passing that on to my children is a priority.  We make a point to spend time outdoors catching catfish, checking trail cameras, hiking and just being outside.  I want my kids to be comfortable and knowledgeable in the outdoors.

    Josh and his family spend time in Smokey Mountain National Park, kayaking the Hiwassee River or on Green Mountain where he grew up. Josh follows a Paleo Diet, so hunting is a perfect fit for him and his family. Though whitetail is a staple, he will hunt anything that can be cooked up into a great meal.

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