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    Dan Born ProfileDan is a native of Minnesota where his family has managed a 300-acre farm on the Minnesota River since 1888. He was raised by a family whose connections to hunting, fishing and the land run deep.  The farm supports agriculture, mature wood lots, duck sloughs and acres of prairie grass. Besides hunting “The Farm,” he also makes it out west each year to pursue pronghorn and deer. Dan hunts with a rifle, and both compound and recurve bow. As an angler, Dan is partial to walleye, northern pike and panfish. He considers himself a mediocre fly fisherman at best.

    Dan’s interest in how people relate to their landscape was put toward a B.S in Archaeology and a M.S in Geography from Saint Cloud State in 2009. His research focused on soil microfossil analysis of a 9,800-year-old bison kill site in northwest Nebraska, where up to 600 bison were killed and butchered by the Alberta Paleo-Indian people.

    In working to conserve wildlife and wild places, I like to use “advocacy through analysis;” confirming your viewpoint through the best known science, and backing it up with the resolve it takes to truly champion a cause. A mix of observation and passion, I approach each hunt in much the same way.”  

    Whitetail deer and pronghorn makes up about 80% of his families red meat consumption each year. He also hunts wild turkey and occasionally adds a rabbit, squirrel or pheasant to the pot. In addition, he plans to start waterfowl hunting. Dan also continues to hunt with his dad and looks forward to encouraging his children, Gracie, Jack and Luke to develop their own individual relationships to wild landscapes and the animals that reside on them.

    Dan is a regular contributor to The Sportsmen’s Nation Podcast Network, where he writes about hunting and conservation issues.

    Dan can be found on Instagram @dan_born_theevolvedhunter!