New Meadow Mountain Trucker Hat - Camo!
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    Adam was born and raised in a small coastal town in central Florida a few miles from the hectic pace of Daytona Beach. Amidst the roars of motorcycles, spring break extravaganzas and the traffic lining to enter the Magic Kingdom, he gravitated to the out-of-doors. Adam honed his woodsmanship and found solitude and his “true-self”, in the swamps and out on the waters of the ever-growing state he called home.

    "Whether meals come from alligator, bay scallop, elk, mule deer or anything in between, the fact that these resources are available to me as well as everyone, fill me with gratitude. As I have aged, my paternal instinct to conserve and protect has begun to flourish. Now more than ever I feel a need to give back as I simultaneously participate in the outdoors."

    Adam has been actively hunting and fishing for the last 20 years and has since expanded his stomping grounds from the swamps of home to the backcountry mountains of Idaho and the coast of Kodiak Island. Adam has coordinated countless adventures for himself and his family. In the past 5 years, he has created online content and produced many outdoor short films with Southern Draw Productions. This content emphasizes hunting and fishing in a positive light and highlights the importance of the meat, public access, and conservation of our renewable resources. Each year, Adam spends many weeks a field trying to fill the freezers with an array of goodness.