Oklahoma Hunt Camp

Details of the Oklahoma Hunt Camp

  • Where: Oklahoma
  • Cost: $1,750
  • When: Oct. 28-31, 2021
  • Type: Crossbow
  • Species: Whitetail Doe/Hog
  • How Many Students: 6
  • Difficulty on a scale of 1-5: 3
  • Terrain: Wooded/Hills
  • Nearest Airport: Tulsa
  • Lodging: Spring Valley Ranch

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Let’s take a trip to Oklahoma! We are headed back to northeastern Oklahoma a few times this year. This is our first trip and it’s for whitetail does and wild hogs. 

This Hunt Camp will be for crossbows only. The deer population in this area offers a great opportunity for our camp attendees, while the troubling hog numbers give everyone the chance to help manage these invasive animals and protect the native flora and fauna from their destruction. 

Our full day of education sessions cover topics that give you the tools you need, to go back into your communities, start your personal hunting journey, and share those experiences with friends and family. We will have deep discussions about our individual “why” as it relates to hunting, as well as sessions on Conservation, Hunting Ethics, Deer Sign and Habitat Needs, Why Hogs Are a Problem, Firearm Safety, Range Time, and Butchering/Processing.

Then we hunt! All-day Saturday and the following Sunday morning will be spent in the field. This will mean early mornings headed to the woods, but mornings you will never forget. Our hunts will put two hunters with one educator, in-ground blind hunting set-ups.

All meals and lodging will be provided, as well as the essential equipment needed for time in the field.

Join us in Oklahoma and start your hunting journey off right with Hunt to Eat.