Hunt Camp FAQs

As we host Hunt Camps across the US, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about the program.

Hopefully, we can answer a few of your most important questions here! If your question is still unanswered after reading through this page, shoot Director of Education Cindy Stites an email.

1. What all is included in Hunt Camp?

The vast majority of our camps will be all-inclusive experiences. You don’t need to worry about bringing your own firearm, hunting gear, food, game calls, etc.; we will be providing them for you and we’ll teach you how to use them! Depending on the location, meals will be catered and you’ll have a warm bed to sleep on inside, too.

In addition to being all-inclusive, we won’t just point out an animal to you and say, “Shoot!” We will teach you how to hunt this species on your own. The goal of this mentored, educational hunt is to give you the skills you need to be a successful hunter and conservationist independently. Expect talks and group discussions about what it means to be an ethical hunter, the history of conservation in this country (including the ugly bits), how to sight in your firearms, and how to cook and care for your wild game at home.

2. How are you collecting payments for Hunt Camps?

Here at Hunt to Eat, we want you to join the next generation of hunters. We know that attending Hunt Camp can be costly, so we offer several plans that are available for you to use to make attending Hunt Camp possible. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Pay in full at time of enrollment

2. Pay 50% at time of enrollment, pay the other 50% when you’re two months out from Camp*

3. Pay 33.33% at time of enrollment, 33.33% when you’re two months out from Camp, and 33.33% when you’re 5 weeks out from Camp*

Other payment options may or may not be available for each camp. Please reach out to our Director of Education Cindy Stites at with any payment inquiries.

*Exceptions: North Dakota Grouse’s second payment installment is due August 25, 2021 if you’re doing 50/50. For 33/33/33, North Dakota Grouse’s timeline will be shorter, but payments will be equally spread out.

3. Will you be hosting a camp in my state?

Eventually! Our goal is to host a Hunt Camp in every state in the next five years. For now, while our program is growing, we’re targeting hotspots throughout the country such as areas near Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Denver, and other highly-populated areas.

4. Will you be hosting elk or mule deer hunts out west?

We hope to! Right now, we’re working on finding over-the-counter tags that are affordable for both residents and nonresidents in western states. If you’re a landowner that has doe mule deer or whitetail tags or cow elk tags, let’s chat! Not only would be be interested in buying tags from you, but we’d also be interested in renting out your property for a Hunt Camp.

5. Is there any financial aid available?

Each camp has different financial aid opportunities. Email Cindy Stites for more information about specific camps.

6. Do I need to have my Hunter Education completed?

Yes! Check your state’s fish and game website for information on hunter education programs near you.

7. Who is welcome at Hunt Camp?

The Hunt to Eat community is an inclusive one. To us, the future of hunting is diverse. Womxn, BIPOC, LGBTQ2IA+ community members, and everyone else who lives on this green Earth are welcome and encouraged to attend Camp. Email to talk to us about sponsorship and financial aid opportunities!

8. Can I host a Camp? How can I get more involved?

If you are interested in hosting an educational Hunt Camp on your property or working as a Hunt Camp Educator, please send Cindy Stites an email at We’d love to work with you!