Carved Big Horn Women's T-Shirt
Carved Big Horn Women's T-Shirt

Carved Big Horn Women's T-Shirt

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Our Carved series is a collaboration with linoleum print artist Elyse DeLisle. She worked alongside our ambassador team to learn about the animals and their specific characteristics and habitats while traveling the American West. 

Ambassador Jessi Johnson shares this excerpt: 

"I was a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep ram.  There was a time when millions of us populated this continent having crossed the Bering land bridge from Siberia some 750,000 years ago, but, as time passes, change often creates new circumstances and there are as few as 8,000 of us (3 subspecies of Bighorns. Ovis canadensis canadensis; the Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Ovis canadensis sierra; Sierra Nevada or California Bighorn, and Ovis canadensis nelson; the Desert Bighorn) left today.  

Bighorns have hacked out our existence in some of the most remote and rugged country this earth has to offer and it to these places that we are slowly returning. Fueled by conservation efforts led by hunters like the one whose hands grip my skull, the species are being slowly and deliberately recovered. And while we still face threats from diseases transferred from domestic sheep that our bodies do not understand how to fight and our habitats seem to still be shrinking, the outlook feels hopeful." 


Read the rest of Jessi's piece here!

The fabric is a blend of 60% combed cotton and 40% polyester that is soft out-of-the-box with ideal stretch for maximum comfort and fit.  Printing uses a water-based technique generating a design that is soft and pliable after one wash with no cracking over time and minimal environmental impact compared to typical petroleum-based printing processes.