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    Phelps Game Calls x Hunt To Eat

    Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls

    Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls resides in PeEll, Washington and has been successfully hunting elk and deer in Washington since the early 90’s. He began manufacturing elk calls in 2009 and his calls quickly gained popularity with hunters because of their ease of use and effectiveness. He’s mastered the art of calling elk within bow range and will share successful calling techniques for both Rocky Mountain and Roosevelt elk.

    About Jason Phelps:

    I’m a die-hard elk hunter but love everything that is Western Hunting.  My addiction started at a young age when hunting trips were simply riding around with my dad and grandpa looking for blacktail bucks and Roosevelt elk near my hometown of PeEll, Washington.  As I grew up my passion and love for the outdoors continued to grow.

    Eventually, my obsession for calling elk spurred the creation of Phelps Game Calls which I started in 2009. Since then Phelps Game Calls has become recognized as an industry leader in quality elk calls and elk hunting information.

    I still reside in the small logging town of PeEll with my beautiful wife Sondi, son Hunter and daughter Payton. I can only hope they share in my passion for the pursuit of western big game.