Venison donair sliced and served on a cutting board
Classic Venison Donair

Love donair but not sure how to make it? Then this recipe is for you!…

Fried grouse meat in a cast iron full of creamy sauce and parsley.
Grouse Breast with Shallot Cream Sauce

If you live in Colorado, you hunt, and it’s September, chances are (like myself) you…

Squirrel green chili in a white bowl with jalapeños on the side.
New Mexico-Style Squirrel Green Chile

We all look for opportunities to combine our favorite foods in life. For many hunters…

A bowl of red bulgar, pronghorn meat, and mixed veggies in a white bowl with a blue napkin and lemon wedges.
Korean-Inspired Antelope Bowls with Red Bulgur

I love making “bowl” meals because there are so many options for ingredients, flavors, textures,…

Classic dove peppers served with a roasted peach and cold beer
Classic Dove Poppers Recipe
Two fish cakes on a white plate with a side of fresh lemon wedges.
Trout Cakes

As we wrap up prime fishing season and head into hunting season, it’s time to…

Two gyros folded up with meat, cucumbers, and tomatoes spilling out. There is dipping sauce on the side on a plain counter.
Grilled Venison Gyros

Backstrap is preferred for this recipe, but really, any prime cut will do. The meat…

Two wrapped up gyros on a wooden platter with fries on the side.
Venison Gyros

It’s that time of year to empty our your freezer in preparation for this coming…

Wild game Big Mac hamburger
Dad’s Wild Game Big Mac CHALLENGE!
Dumplings resting in a steamer basket, topped with green onions
Steamed Venison Dumplings
French onion broth in a bowl with a ladle dipped in it. French onion sandwiches are on the side for dipping.
French Onion Wild Game Roast

Love french onion soup? Then you’re about to discover your new favorite wild game recipe.…

Bright red elk borscht in a white bowl.
Elk Borscht

It felt like a holiday last September as I stood in my kitchen. I had…

Duck liver pate spread on a crusty white bread. There is a sprig of thyme and a butter knife in the background.
Duck Liver Paté

I have used this recipe with mostly duck livers, but also grouse and turkey with…

Spanish doves served atop pasta with tomato sauce
Spanish Doves and Pasta
Venison bone stock in a Dutch oven
Venison Bone Stock
Shredded venison barbacoa
Venison Barbacoa
A bowl of elk chili on a table
Elk Chili
Javelina chile verde served in tortillas
Javelina Chile Verde
Sliced bear ham on a wooden cutting board
Black Bear Ham